AW Treecare

Tree Inspections & Reports

A.W Tree Care can provide tree inspections/surveys and reports on anything from single trees, whole estates. Below are a few examples of the types of report we carry out:

  • Health and Safety tree inspections
  • Work Recommendations on tree/s
  • Long term management plans for tree/s or woodland
  • Conservation and habitat Surveys
  • Tree inspections

Tree inspections are carried out to obtain a detailed overview of the condition of a tree. The information is then presented in a tree report. Any defects found are described in detail and affected parts of the tree are assessed, and management requirements of the tree can be determined. The impact of the tree on its surroundings is also considered and recorded. Inspections should be carried out by a trained and competent person and to the British Standard 3998.

Health and Safety

Tree owners have a responsibility to 'take reasonable care' of trees that are situated on their property. A tree inspection may be carried out to determine the structural integrity of a tree and whether or not it poses a threat to people or property.


Some mortgage providers require tree inspections to be carried out for trees that could potentially cause damage to a property, and therefore may affect the value of the property.

A.W Tree Care offers full tree inspection and report services carried out by trained professionals who have gained academic qualifications in Arboriculture and Forestry including LANTRA awards in Professional Tree Inspection (PTI).

Our domestic & commercial tree inspection/survey and report service operates throughout the North East, including: Stockton-on-Tees, Darlington, Durham, Teesside, Yarm, Hartlepool, Cleveland, Bishop Auckland, Sedgefield, Newton Aycliffe, Middlesbrough, Tynedale, Peterlee, Billingham, Stokesley and many more locations.