AW Treecare
Environment Agency, Chester le Street

Environment Agency, Chester le Street

Failed Ash tree emergency call out. 

We received a call with reference to an Ash tree that had fallen in to a river with its root plate still attached. The tree was restricting the water flow in the river, which could lead to flooding. The weather forecast was for heavy rain and an amber weather warning had been issued for the next day, therefore the tree need to be removed immediately.

There were houses upstream which would have been affected had the flooding occurred. The Environment Agency informed Lumsden and Carol of the situation. Lumsden and Carroll then contacted A.W Tree Care, as we are subcontractors for them.

We arrived on site within an hour of receiving the call. A full site risk assessment and method statement was produced before any of our work began. The team was briefed and we discussed the safest and most practical solution to the problem.

The work zone was cleared of any branches and small tree saplings. While we were doing this a large excavator was on the way, provided by Lumsden and Carroll, to assist with the removal of the tree. Sections of timber were cut in to safe and manageable sizes which were then lifted out of the river and placed on safe ground using the excavator. The root plate was also lifted out of the river to ensure there would be no issue with the item causing a dam effect.

A hiab lorry was used to remove the timber sections from the site. The job was completed safely and within the given time frame.