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25m Tracker Spyder Cherry Picker Hire

25m Tracker Spyder Cherry Picker (MEWP) Hire, North East, UK

Introducing the Cela DT25 Spiderlift Cherry Picker. Unmatched Compactness, Versatility, and Ideal for Cherry Picker Hire

25m Tracker Spyder Cherry Picker (MEWP) Hire, North East

Experience the unrivalled compactness of the Cela DT25 Spiderlift Cherry Picker, setting a new standard in its class. Measuring just 4.1 metres in length and a mere 80 centimetres in width, this remarkable machine effortlessly navigates through narrow doorways and reaches inaccessible areas, both indoors and on rugged terrain.

Boasting impressive speed and efficiency, the Cela DT25 is equipped with a cutting-edge radio controlled remote, enabling precise movements with ease. Compared to conventional spider access platforms with a limited 23-meter range, our state-of-the-art cherry picker offers an 25 meter of reach, while retaining an incredibly compact chassis.

Discover the Cela DT25 Spiderlift Cherry Picker and revolutionise your operations with its unmatched compactness, versatility, and extended reach capabilities. Whether you require cherry picker hire for challenging projects or confined spaces, our Cela DT25 is the perfect solution.

Enhance your efficiency and productivity with the Cela DT25 Spiderlift Cherry Picker. Contact us today to explore the benefits of cherry picker hire and experience the unparalleled performance of our compact and versatile machine

25m Tracker Spyder Cherry Picker (MEWP)

CELA Mobile Self-propelling Lifting Platform on tracks, model SPYDER DT25 complete with:

  • Maximum working height: 25 mt.
  • Maximum working outreach: 12 mt
  • Max. pay load: 230 Kg
  • Demountable aluminium cage 1.400x700xh. 1.100 mm
  • Turntable slewing 360°
  • Weight Kg. 2940
  • KOLHER silenced engine; Or & 240v

For Hire Throughout The North East

Available to Hire throughout the Teesside, County Durham, Tyneside, Wearside, Northumberland and the rest of the North East.

For full details and to arrange your hire please complete the enquiry form below. We will then be in touch to discuss your hire in more details.