AW Treecare

Tree Pruning & Tree Maintenance

A.W Tree Care provides a full tree pruning and tree maintenance service to our clients.

Our comprehensive service includes:

Crown reduction and /or reshaping - All branches are shortened. It is good practice to keep the natural shape of the tree if possible.

Crown thinning - Removal of a proportion of secondary and small live branches from throughout the crown to produce an even density of foliage around a well spaced and balanced branch structure. This technique should usually be confined to broadleaf species.

Crown lifting – Removal of some of the lower branches beneath a tree’s crown. This is often done to trees near footpaths and roads to allow pedestrians and traffic to pass by safely. It can also help more daylight to pass through a tree.

Pollarding - This is an ancient tree management technique that is started early in a tree’s life. It involves pruning back branches to the same point on a regular basis to form ‘pollard heads’. Pollarding needs to be done at intervals of between one and five years. Older trees cannot be pollarded if they have not previously been managed in this way.

Crown cleaning/Deadwooding - Removal of dead, dying or dangerous branches from within the crown.

At A.W. Tree Care we are specialists in tree pruning and maintenance. Our staff are professionally trained and experienced in these operations and can carry out work on any species and size of tree safely and efficiently, even in demanding conditions. The equipment we use is up to date and LOLER inspected. All tree work is carried out to British Standards 3998; 2010 and we comply with AFAG guides, NPTC and HSE when carrying out these works.

Please Note, a large number of trees in the UK are protected with Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) or may be situated in a Conservation Area. Therefore it is necessary to check with your Local Authority before carrying out any work. If a tree is protected with a TPO or is in a conservation area an application must be submitted to the Local Authority for permission to carry out work on the tree. A.W Tree Care can assist with checks and applications for work. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Our domestic & commercial tree pruning and tree maintenance service operates throughout the North East, including: Stockton-on-Tees, Darlington, Durham, Teesside, Yarm, Hartlepool, Cleveland, Bishop Auckland, Sedgefield, Newton Aycliffe, Middlesbrough, Tynedale, Peterlee, Billingham, Stokesley and many more locations.