AW Treecare
Holkham Hall, Norfolk

Holkham Hall, Norfolk

Pine tree leaning towards a road. 

The Black Pine (Pinus nigra) was dismantled as it was leaning heavily towards the road and the estate wall underneath the tree. The form of the trunk of this tree was very thin for its height and the tree was top heavy due to the woodland environment it had grown up in.

The tree, which measured approximately 100ft, was climbed using spikes, a wire core flip line and a main line climbing rope. When the climber reached the top of the tree all the branches and limbs were dismantled in a controlled fashion and dropped in to the safe zone selected on the ground.

Then the trunk was section felled with the aid of a pull line and a groundsman to control the direction of fell. Once the trunk was at the height of a few ft from the ground it was felled at ground level.