Ash die back (Charara fraxinea)

This threatening infection, which could completely wipe out the species, is already present in some recently planted sites. We all need to be aware of the symptoms. If you suspect a case, A.W Tree Care can provide advice.

You may need to contact the forestry commission, who will carry out a rapid survey to confirm or rule out infection. We can help with the removal and disposal of affected trees, following the correct government guidance and advice. Please contact us for more information.

What is Ash dieback? - It is a serious disease found in ash trees that is caused by a fungus. The effects are leaf loss and die back within the crown and, in some cases, death of the tree.

  • The leaves have black blotches on them, mainly around the midrib. The leaf will appear to be wilting.

  • Stems/Trunks have small lesions or spots on the bark; these become enlarged over time and form a perennial canker. This then causes girdling and death within the season. Peeling the barks off shows a grey or brown discolouration.

  • The crown will be showing large amounts of dieback mainly at the tips of twigs and branches.

If you would like to read more about this infection please follow the link below.

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