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About AW Treecare

A.W Tree Care has developed an outstanding reputation as an arboricultural and forestry contractor. We provide tree, hedge and vegetation management services carried out by highly trained and skilled professionals. Our aim is to ensure full customer satisfaction at all times and a safe and progressive working environment for employees.

Our services range from the maintenance of single trees to the management of estates with vast tree and vegetation coverage. From tree planting and felling to tree inspections, all work is carried out by our highly qualified arborists, using the latest tree surgery techniques and equipment. At A.W Tree Care we pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and experience.

A.W Tree Care will fully consider your individual requirements and budget very carefully in order to be competitive and ensure that you see value in your investment in us.

About AW Treecare

Health and Safety

Health and safety management is approached in a proactive and respectful manner at A.W Tree Care. A comprehensive risk assessment is completed prior to any work undertaken by us. This ensures that activities are planned and controlled and work is carried out in the safest possible manner without endangering any persons, wildlife, habitat, structures or the environment. A.W Tree Care is insured for public liability, employer’s liability and professional indemnity.

For more information about A.W Tree Care insurance, environmental policies or quality management systems please contact us.

Health and Safety


All arisings from our work are recycled and reused in the most effective way possible. All our chainsaws use biodegradable oil. Sites are inspected before any work is undertaken to ensure that we do not destroy nesting bird sites or bat roosts. We aim to achieve all work with minimal impact on the environment and habitats.



  • Felling & Dismantling

    Tree felling/straight felling involves using specific techniques to cause a tree to fall in a single section and in a specific direction. This method is limited to situations where there is enough space to carry out the procedure with no risk of damage to any persons or property.

  • Tree Pruning & Tree Maintenance

    At A.W. Tree Care we are specialists in tree pruning and maintenance. Our staff are professionally trained and experienced in these operations and can carry out work on any species and size of tree safely and efficiently, even in demanding conditions. All tree work is carried out to British Standards 3998; 2010 and we comply with AFAG guides, NPTC and HSE.

  • Stump Removal & Grinding

    We offer a full tree stump removal service for domestic and commercial clients. Using one of a range of different sized stump grinders, any size of stump can be completely removed from most locations.

  • Hedge Cutting

    A.W Tree Care offers all aspects of hedge cutting and maintenance services including: tree height reduction, reshaping, width reduction, trimming, shrub pruning and topiary.

  • Tree Inspections & Reports

    A.W Tree Care can provide tree inspections/surveys and reports on anything from single trees, whole estates. Below are a few examples of the types of report we carry out:

    Health and Safety tree inspections.
    Work Recommendations on tree/s.
    Long term management plans for tree/s or woodland.
    Conservation and habitat Surveys.

  • Site & Garden Clearance

    A.W Tree Care provides a full site and garden clearance service for commercial and domestic environments.

    We use the latest machinery and techniques and can remove all types of vegetation quickly and efficiently. Site clearance may be carried out for civil engineering and groundwork purposes or simply in your own back garden.

  • Spraying (Invasive Weed Control)

    A.W Tree Care offers complete weed control and selective weed control spraying services to both domestic and commercial clients.

    These services are carried out by competent professionals who have N.P.T.C qualifications in chemical spraying for both land and water. These qualifications allow us to use chemicals that are not available to the public and which produce a much better result.

  • Tree Planting

    A.W Tree Care offers a full tree planting service to meet your tree planting needs. Anything from planting of a single tree sapling to planning and planting a woodland of large trees can be achieved. We can work with any species and size of tree.

  • Log & Woodchip for sale

    We offer a range of firewood for sale. All logs are suitable for use in an open fire or log burner.

    Logs available:
    Hardwood seasoned logs.
    Hardwood unseasoned logs.
    Soft/hard firewood, unseasoned and unsplit but in manageable sizes.

    All our hardwood seasoned logs are very high quality and split to a size that will fit into 99% of fireplaces.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Call-Out

    A.W Tree Care provides an emergency tree callout service for urgent and dangerous branches situations. This service is usually, but not always, associated with storm damage and covers fallen/windblown trees and trees that have a failed limb.

    We provide a fast, efficient and safe response to your emergency. We aim to be at the scene within an hour of your call and we have access to appropriate equipment to deal with most situations immediately. We can assist with photographing the incident and providing reports for insurance claims.

  • Woodland Management with Conservation & Habitat Work

    A.W. Tree Care has the knowledge, skills and experience to provide an excellent woodland management service including conservation and habitat work.

    Whether you wish to increase habitat value of your woodland or have a tailor made woodland management plan designed for your needs, A.W Tree Care can help. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Case Studies

We work in the North East, throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide.
We will be adding to our Case Studies section when we can.

Enviroment Agency, Chester le Street

Failed Ash tree emergency call out.

We received a call with reference to an Ash tree that had fallen in to a river with its root plate still attached. The tree was restricting the water flow in the river, which could lead to flooding. The weather forecast was for heavy rain and an amber weather warning had been issued for the next day, therefore the tree need to be removed immediately. There were houses upstream which would have been affected had the flooding occurred. The Environment Agency informed Lumsden and Carol of the situation. Lumsden and Carroll then contacted A.W Tree Care, as we are subcontractors for them.

We arrived on site within an hour of receiving the call. A full site risk assessment and method statement was produced before any of our work began. The team was briefed and we discussed the safest and most practical solution to the problem.

Failed Ash tree emergency call out

The work zone was cleared of any branches and small tree saplings. While we were doing this a large excavator was on the way, provided by Lumsden and Carroll, to assist with the removal of the tree. Sections of timber were cut in to safe and manageable sizes which were then lifted out of the river and placed on safe ground using the excavator. The root plate was also lifted out of the river to ensure there would be no issue with the item causing a dam effect.

A hiab lorry was used to remove the timber sections from the site. The job was completed safely and within the given time frame.

Holkham Hall – Norfolk

Pine tree leaning towards a road.

The Black Pine (Pinus nigra) was dismantled as it was leaning heavily towards the road and the estate wall underneath the tree. The form of the trunk of this tree was very thin for its height and the tree was top heavy due to the woodland environment it had grown up in. The tree, which measured approximately 100ft, was climbed using spikes, a wire core flip line and a main line climbing rope. When the climber reached the top of the tree all the branches and limbs were dismantled in a controlled fashion and dropped in to the safe zone selected on the ground. Then the trunk was section felled with the aid of a pull line and a groundsman to control the direction of fell. Once the trunk was at the height of a few ft from the ground it was felled at ground level.

Pine tree leaning towards a road.

Latest News

AW Tree Care expansion

The business is pleased to announce the receival of grant funding from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. This will allow the purchase of new equipment and an increase in staff to assist in our expansion and support of other businesses within the North East of England. It's an excting time for AW Tree Care and we look forward to delivering a more varied and complete service to existing and new customers.

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development:
Europe investing in rural areas.

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